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CEO and Founder of BenderXpert LLC, Alon has generated $85M in 600+ projects and is a 4X Entrepreneur. Forbes Technology Council Member, He is a cybersecurity expert, inventor of Enterprise SaaS solutions, and a sought-after speaker and advisor.

Alon is passionate about helping professionals unleash their god's given gifts to the world, fulfill the potential each has and flourish doing so. This starts in the corporate life but continues beyond. Alon has led Rock Bands with C level executives from VCs, founders and executives. Life-balance is major part of fulfillment in Alon's view.

Alon has mentored, trained and coached hundreds of Sales Executives, Sales Engineers and helped to build teams from the ground up. In many cases he has created the sales plays of the first customer with a brand new product. In other cases he was heavily involved in helping a brand new sales teams with Go-To-Market execution leading to exceeding revenue targets consistently. Alon has done this again and again, in multiple companies and was awarded for it.

This was not luck, this was consistent methods and discipline! Now we are sharing what made people around Alon successful using the BenderXpert™ Programs under SuccessXpert AI.

Alon Bender

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